Her Devotion

model: @musingsofathornedrose (Instagram)

Her devotion isn’t something she learned. Her home life taught her anything, but devotion. Men that *came*in and out of her life showed her just the opposite. Her devotion has always been a part of her that lived deep in her soul just waiting for someone worthy of it.

Her devotion is tireless and unending. It’s deeper than the ocean, stronger than anything that is known and more powerful than anything we can conceive. Her devotion is made up of the stuff that this universe was forged from. It’s one of the few things that can never be taken from her.

Her devotion is pure like a cool breeze on a summer’s day. Pure like a newborn baby’s smile and cry. Pure like something that’s never been touched by human hands, seen by human eyes or thought of by human minds even though she has been.

Her devotion is powerful and amazing. It brings her to her knees, but holds him up on his feet. It gives her the power to be able to let go, to turn control over to him and become vulnerable in his presence. It is unwavering and unrivaled by most forces on earth. 

Her devotion is a mirror that reflects who she is. It is a part of her that few will ever see, but many have inspired. She wears her devotion to him around her neck effortlessly and proudly like a unicorn carries its horn. Her devotion is a treasure that no price could ever be placed on, but is given so freely to the one who is worth it.

© Seductive Poetry

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