Seductive Spotlight

Today I’m going to be featuring 3 poems; I love reading your poems so please keep them coming. Here’s the deal, you keep writing and I’ll keep reading and you keep reading and I’ll keep writing, how’s that sound?

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The first is a poem written by Toria and was submitted via Instagram for my Seductive Spotlight Poetry Prompt. The prompt was to write a piece using the word “Block”. Here’s the piece.

Next is a poem written by a good friend of mine a long time ago. I was looking through some files of mine on my computer and came across it and thought I’d share it with you. It’s called The Lioness, here it is.

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This last one is by Justin Cardinal and submitted to me via my Facebook page. This guy writes very beautifully and has an eloquent way with words. Let’s get into it.

So every week I’m going to be putting out a prompt called the Seductive Spotlight Poetry Prompt. Rules for the prompt are simple:

For Instagram submissions either post your piece in the comments or on your page using the #seductivespotlightpp.

On Facebook just submit in the comments of the post or in my Visitor’s Posts section on my Facebook page. 

I’m really looking forward to reading all your submissions. If you have a poetry account you would like me to promote be sure to DM on me Instagram the details.

Also feel free to submit topic ideas, suggestions and other things. Also, if you just need to vent or talk my door is open to you! Everything will be totally anonymous and kept between you and me and the universe.


Thoughts In Ink

Poetic seeds that were planted 

By life’s deeds 

Grown in the soil of 

An emotional meadow 

I walk this field 

Looking for weapons to wield 

And I start to pick the 

Wild flower thoughts 

I take this soulful bouquet 

With it my ink I’ll make 

Forge words like the All Might forged 

The universe in 7 days 

This ink that I wage 

Manifests itself as stain on the page 

As I exercise my demons 

And flush out my system 

Cleansing my soul before these 

Thoughts have time to take their toll 

And smother me in 

Their dark embrace 

And as I sit here spilling word as I confess 

I feel a huge weight dissipate off my chest 

And I relax and start to bask 

In this sweet and wondrous release 

© Seductive Poetry 

I’m proud and excited to announce the release of my second book of poetry entitled Thoughts In Ink. It launches May 23rd on Amazon! So keep a look out for it!

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Thank you so much for reading and remember it’s not about poetry, it’s about life!

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