Man’s Search For Meaning

In search of meaning, man does strive,
A quest that often seems hard to survive.
He wanders through life with a purpose in mind,
Looking for something he hopes to find.

A meaning that will give him peace,
And make his worries and fears cease.
He seeks answers to life’s great questions,
Hoping to make sense of all its meanings and lessons.

In the search for meaning, man finds hope,
And learns to live and finds ways to cope.
He finds joy in the simple things,
And the beauty that life often brings.

In moments of solitude, he hears a voice,
That whispers the secrets of life’s great choice.
He finds meaning in love and in giving,
In gratitude and in living.

Thus, in search of meaning, man finds his true self,
And learns to love, live, and laugh for his health,
For in the end, the search for meaning one never truly masters,
And it is the essence of life that truly matters.

© Seductive Poetry


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