An Allegory For Life…

What is your favorite type of weather?

I love storms. The way the sky fills with an overcast putting a gloomy tint on the light. Casting just enough darkness and despair that its ominous presence is palpable. Everything has a feeling of false calm right before it breaks.

The skies burst with electricity and ruckus. The chaos that had been building behind the mask of clouds, behind the thin gray veil of the calm facade. This turbulence is needed to wash away and replenish the landscape it seems to be tearing apart.

Once the chaos ceases and the darkness gives way to the light, it reveals the the battered, renewed landscape. It survived the storm to rebuild itself anew. Slightly broken, yet slightly stronger.

Storms come in and seem to reek havoc but really they force change, they force nature to rebuild itself which strengthens it. I love storms because they are an allegory for life.

© Seductive Poetry


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