Yesterday, oh how you haunt us so
A memory that lingers and won’t let go
A longing for what once was and could be
A bittersweet reminder that we are free

Yesterday, oh how you held our dreams
A golden era or so it seems
A time of hope and endless possibilities
When our hearts were filled with pure felicities

Yesterday, oh how you can tear us apart
A regretful time that pierces the heart
A moment when we made the wrong decision
Leaving us with the all too familiar feeling of self-division

Yesterday, oh how you can make us smile
A treasured moment that makes life worthwhile
A memory that brings warmth to the soul
A reminder of the love that made us whole

Yesterday, we cannot change what’s been done
But we can learn from it and move on
Letting go of what we cannot control
And living in the present with a heart that’s whole.

© Seductive Poetry


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