Finding Our Purpose

Amidst the chaos of life,
We search for meaning, for strife,
Yearning to uncover our fate,
To find our purpose before it’s too late.

We wander through the winding road,
With heavy feet and an uncertain load,
Wondering where we belong,
Yearning to find a place where we are strong.

We look for signs in every place,
Wrestling with our own grace,
Seeking a path to follow true,
As we feel this journey start anew.

But then we lift our eyes and see,
A brighter world waiting to be,
A world that shines with possibility,
As we discover our true identity.

And though the journey is never done,
And we’ll face hardships as we run,
We’ll seek purpose and find it clear,
For we were made for a reason dear.

So let’s take this step, hand in hand,
And upon our purpose built a stand,
For it’s the quest that makes us alive,
Discovering our purpose and thriving inside.

© Seductive Poetry


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