So Deeply

Someone I love so deeply,
Their gaze could light up my day,
Like sunshine piercing through the clouds,
My heart danced whenever they were around.

Their laughter was like music to my ears,
Their touch, electric, sent shivers down my spine,
I felt their presence in every breath I took,
And prayed to never let them go.

With them, I experienced love like never before,
A love that transcended all boundaries,
A love that filled every inch of my being,
And made me feel alive in a way I never knew possible.

But even though they are no longer with me,
Their memory remains etched in my heart,
And every time I think of them,
I am filled with a bittersweet longing.

For they were the sun in my life,
The air in my lungs,
The beating of my heart,
And forever will be my love, my joy.

© Seductive Poetry


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