The Desire They Share

As they look into each other’s eyes,
Their hearts beat as one, no disguise,
An intense fire ignites within every vein,
A desire that they just can’t contain.

Their longing builds with every touch,
Intense sensations that mean so much,
Their bodies move in perfect sync,
As they unravel in a passionate link.

The heat between them rises high,
An inferno that burns bright in the sky,
They cannot hold their love at bay,
As their desire runs wild and gives way .

They melt into each other’s embrace,
Lost in a world with no time and place,
The passion they have is so pure,
An experience they know will endure.

Their love has no fear or shame,
They follow the flames with no blame,
And in their intimate blissful trance,
They dance to the song of their romance.

What they share is beyond compare,
A passion that will never wear,
An unquenchable desire, they dare
To explore, cherish and forever share.

© Seductive Poetry


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