When the Love is Gone

In the stillness of the night,
I hear the echoes of our fights,
The silence that once spoke of love,
Now weighs heavy like a mourning dove.

The bond we once shared,
Is now broken beyond repair,
The love we once nurtured,
Has been lost to the winds of despair.

The memories we shared,
Now bring forth bitter tears,
The moments we once cherished,
Now fill me with fears.

The fire we once had,
Has been replaced with a cold embrace,
The passion we once felt,
Has vanished without a trace.

The love we once knew,
Now lies in ruins on the ground,
Our hearts that once beat as one,
Now silence the love we once found.

As I stand here thinking of you,
With nothing left to say or do,
The love we once had,
Now lives only in the past.

So, let us learn to move on,
And let our souls be free,
For when the love is gone,
The pain is all we see.

© Seductive Poetry


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