She Is A Wildfire

She was a tiny ember when he found her. She was barely burning, but he saw the roaring flames burning within her. He protected his little ember, letting no harm come to her. He knew that one day she would become something greater than she ever thought possible.

She was a little flame flickering amongst the darkness. Her light brightened his life and gave him a purpose. He protected his little flame at all costs, never letting her burn out. He gave her a safe place to burn and she gave him light and purpose.

She was a strong flame that burned brighter than before. Her flames not only lit his place it started to cast everything into light. He fed his flame and did his best to protect her, but she was growing more and more. She started to notice that he was not growing with her.

She is now a wildfire that is too big for him to contain. He doesn’t wish to let her go, but he must, for his tiny ember has now out grown him. She is the roaring fire he saw those many years ago, but had never prepared himself for. She is a wildfire, so be prepared for her or stand down.

© Seductive Poetry

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