Alone In A Vast Broken Landscape

Alone in a vast broken landscape,
I wander aimlessly, lost in thought,
The dust and debris, my only companions,
As I trudge through the barren plot.

The howling winds, they whisper secrets,
Of a time long gone, a world forgotten,
Where greenery and life had flourished,
But now, all that’s left is bleak and rotten.

The silence of the deserted terrain,
Echoes through my very being,
As I yearn for the warmth of human touch,
And the comfort of a heart to sing.

But in this desolate wasteland,
All I have is my own reflection,
And the memories of a brighter time,
That now seem like a distant resurrection.

So I trudge on, step by step,
In search of an elusive hope,
That one day, the sun will shine again,
And the land will once again elope.

But until then, I walk alone,
In this vast broken landscape,
Picking up the shattered pieces,
Of a life that once held grace.

© Seductive Poetry

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