Lost In Wonderland

Deep in the woods, I found my way,
Where all the creatures come out to play,
A world so strange, it seemed so unreal,
Colors and shapes, I’ve never felt or seen.

I walked through the garden, a maze to unfold,
Passed by the doors, the tales were told,
The Mad Hatter’s tea party, the Cheshire cat’s grin,
The Red Queen’s rules, or beheaded for minor sin.

I met the White Rabbit, always running late,
The Caterpillar smoking, imparting his fate,
The Jabberwocky, the fearsome beast,
The March Hare’s antics, always wild and free.

I felt so lost, so out of place,
In this world where nothing made sense,
But as I wandered, I found my grace,
And embraced the madness, the wonder intense.

For though I was lost, I felt alive,
In this strange world where dreams come to thrive,
I learned to let go, to be free,
Lost in Wonderland, is where I found me.

© Seductive Poetry


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