What price must we pay, to pave a path,
Sacrifice our pleasures, our comforts must we have,
For every step we take, towards the goal we seek,
The burden on our souls, heavier we feel.

Oftentimes it’s love, that causes us to give,
Our heart and soul, with every breath we live,
For family, for friends, for a cause we believe,
We put our dreams aside, let them fall, and leave.

Sacrifice is not just a word, a concept, or a thought,
It’s a feeling that pierces our hearts, the lessons we are taught,
It’s a teacher, a guide, that shows us the way,
To become selfless, compassionate, to rise above each day.

It’s a soldier, a hero, who lays his life on the line,
Who protects and defends, with each breath, every time,
It’s a mother, a father, who gives without thought or pause,
For the sake of their children, to give them the best of their cause.

So let us honor and cherish, those who gave their all,
Who walked the path of sacrifice, answered the call,
For they are the ones, who make our lives better each day,
And we are forever in their debt, to them we say.

© Seductive Poetry


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