Ready To Change

A new day dawns, the world awaits,
A chance to leave behind our fates,
To break the chains that bind us tight,
And soar into the great unknown night.

Our hearts beat fast with anticipation,
As we feel the pull of a new sensation,
The winds of change whisper in our ears,
Promising a life free of all our fears.

We stand strong, ready to take the leap,
Ready to face what we cannot yet see,
Our minds made up, our wills so strong,
We’ll find our way, no matter how long.

With every step we take, we leave behind,
The past that once kept us so confined,
Our spirits soar, our hearts now free,
Ready to embrace our destiny.

For we are brave, and we are strong,
And in each other, we’ll find the song,
That will carry us through the darkest night,
And into the dawn of a new light.

So let us rise up, and meet the change,
With open hearts, unafraid and unchained,
For we are ready, and we are strong,
And in each other, we’ll find our home.

© Seductive Poetry


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