My Home…

My home is You, the place where I belong
Where my heart finds peace and my soul sings a song
In Your embrace, I’m sheltered from the storm
And in Your presence, I feel forever warm.

My home is not a house or a location on a map
But a feeling in my heart, a flame that never will lapse
It’s the safety and security that You provide
And the comfort and solace when I need to hide

When the world gets loud and the nights get cold
You are the refuge that never grows old
In Your arms, I find rest and I find calm
And I know that here, I will never come to harm.

So I give thanks for You, my sweet abode
For being the oasis on my path that I’ve sowed
And I vow to cherish and live in Your embrace
Knowing that in You, my heart will always find its place.

© Seductive Poetry


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