Without You

Without you, the world feels cold and grey,
Like a never-ending storm of sorrow and dismay.
I wander aimlessly, lost in thought,
Wondering how to fill this emptiness that I’ve caught.

Your laughter and love were like sunshine,
That brightened up my life like a fine wine.
Now, all that remains of you are faded memories,
Echoes of our love and past glories.

Without you, the nights seem so long,
Filled with endless sadness and mournful song.
The stars, the moon, and the quiet darkness,
All remind me of your sweet caress.

I miss your warmth, your touch, and your smile,
The memories of which still tug at my heart with great guile.
Oh, how I long to hold you close, just for a while,
And forget the emptiness that came with your exile.

Without you, life seems so incomplete,
A puzzle missing pieces, longing for it to be complete.
I wait for the day when you return to me,
And once again, I’ll be whole and free.

© Seductive Poetry


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