She takes me in, from out of the cold and stark world and into of her heart. She holds me in a warm embrace that I wish to never leave. She keeps me away from my sin with words that force me towards the light with the gentle nudge of a mother bird’s wing.

She makes me feel, feel things I want to feel, but don’t know how, things I don’t want to, but must and things that she can only bring out of me. She makes me real, like the Blue Fairy to my Pinocchio, touching me to my soul and making me feel alive again. She gives me time to heal, time to mourn, time to rest my tattered bones.

She doesn’t know the magnitude of her place in my life and I can’t find words to adequately express it. She is more than just a friend or a lover, she’s a shelter from the storm, a safe haven from my demons. She is as constant as the moon in the night sky, I may not be able to see it, but I know it’s there, just as she is.

© Seductive Poetry


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