He’s Been…

He’s been conditioned. He’s been told to be a man before he could even spell man. He’s been told that boys don’t wear pink, play with dolls or cry. He’s been measured by how well he plays sports or uses tools over how well he uses his mind.

He’s been mocked. Ridiculed by his peers for not liking sports or cars. Teased for being a gentleman even when there wasn’t a lady present. Bullied for being shy and awkward. Told that guys don’t like flowers, cooking, and sewing.

He’s been indoctrinated. He’s been lead to believe it’s wrong to feel. He’s been told that emotions are a sign of weakness, to walk it off. He’s been torn between being told he’s too emotional by men, but not emotional enough by women. He’s been the good husband to the wrong woman.

He’s been through all of this to find you. Show him all the things he doesn’t have to be. Show him it’s ok to just cry sometimes. Show him he has a space to show you his mind. Show him you are his safe place to be vulnerable. Show him that you love him, forever and always, unconditionally. Show him all of this and all of you and he will do the same.


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