She’s Many Things…

She’s many things. She’s a candle in the wind with a strong wick and a determined flame. She’s a well weathered stone with smooth edge and hard to crack open. She’s a mama bear that protects her heart and soul as if they were her cubs.

She’s many things. She’s the gentle breeze whose voice calms his savage soul and whose song brings him joy. She’s the warm sun that kisses his skin and warms his heart. She’s the moon that hovers over the lake of his mind and watches over his dreams.

She’s many things. She’s a thief in the night that robs him of his heart, but replaces it with her own. She’s a lioness that will only bow to her king of the jungle. She’s a warrior looking for someone to pick up arms and fight alongside her. She’s a queen waiting for her king to rise up and reign over her life and land together.

She’s many things. She’s a friend to those who are friendless. She’s a sister to those she has welcomed in as family. She’s a lover to those who are worthy of her. She’s many things and she will yours to cherish, protect, guide and love, forever and always, unconditionally, but only if you give her these things in return.


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