Meet Me At The Moon

I just can’t wait until the sun sets and the moon comes out. I think of the way it lit up your face as you gazed up at it. Your face filled with a childlike wonder and innocence. I basked in that innocence and savored it like a fine wine

Every night I look up at the moon and hope you are too. I hope you remember how much I love your face. I hope you remember all the times we spent laughing and playing. I hope you remember all the nights we spent rolling under the covers as the moon watched on.

Whenever I see the moon it makes me feel as if you are here with me. It’s soft glow like your soft touch that helps me sleep better at night. I hope you know that whenever that moon shows its dark side it upsets me, just as if you had shown me yours.

As great as this is, the moon can’t give me everything. I miss the feel of your body against mine, skin to skin, like a mother holding her new born child. I miss the taste of your breath as we kiss and kiss. I miss the way you laugh and roll your eyes at all my silly little jokes.

How I long to be in your presence. I cherish and savor every moment we share. When it’s all said and done if there’s one thing that can be done. I can’t have you right now, so please do me a favor? Will you…meet me at the moon?


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