The One I Still Love

Oh, the one I still love with all my heart
Was a soul I held dear from the start
They had eyes that shone like the sun
And a heart that beat like a drum

Their smile could light up the darkest night
And their laugh was music to my sight
When they were near, I felt so alive
Like all the worries in the world took a dive

We shared our dreams, our fears, our hopes
And through life’s storms, we helped each other cope
But fate can be cruel and unkind
And soon, the one I still love left me behind

Now memories are all I have
Of the one I still love, my better half
Their touch, their smell, their face
Etched in my heart, a treasured space

Oh, the one I still love, I miss so much
Their absence is a constant crutch
But I hold on tight to what we shared
And find solace in the love we bared.

© Seductive Poetry


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