Our Separate Ways

We touched and went our separate ways,
Two souls who crossed on different days.
Our paths converged, our hearts entwined,
But fate, alas, had other designs.

We shared a moment, brief but sweet,
Our meeting left us incomplete.
Our hearts still ache, our souls still yearn,
For what was lost and may not return.

But though we parted, memories remain,
Of love and joy, of passion’s flame.
Our souls still sing, our hearts still beat,
With love that’s pure, and oh so sweet.

And so we go, our separate ways,
But cherish still those bygone days.
With hope and faith, we look ahead,
To find ourselves and not be mislead.

For life is short, but love endures,
And though we part, our hearts are pure.
We touch, we part, but love remains,
A flame that burns through life’s dark rains.

© Seductive Poetry


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