Our Last Dance

The music swells and fills the room,
As we begin our final dance.
The rhythm of our hearts entwined,
As we move in a constant trance.

Your touch is light, your eyes aglow,
As the melody carries us away.
Our steps are hesitant yet sure,
As we sway until the final day.

The world around us fades to black,
And all we have is this moment.
Our last dance, a bittersweet farewell,
As we embrace our final atonement.

But in this dance, we find solace,
That our love will never fade.
For though this night may be our last,
Our memories will forever be made.

So let us dance until the end,
Until our breaths are finally still.
For in this final dance we find,
The beauty of a love fulfilled.

© Seductive Poetry


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